The Food you Feed your Dog Matters

The food we eat impacts our health immensely.

In the human world, the scientific data on this fact grows every single day. The same is true for your dog. The only difference is that very little money is spent researching canine nutrition compared to human nutrition. Most of the human data applies to dogs as their biology is very similar to ours. 

When considering what to feed your dog, there should be one consideration above all else -

how much NET carbohydrate are they getting (Total carbohydrate - Fiber = Net Carbohydrate)?

This question should not be difficult to answer but it is because of the way dog food labels are constructed. They do not directly show the amount of carbohydrates in food. To find that out you must send it to a lab for nutritional analysis. This is something we have done in our research and most commercially available dog foods contain between 45 to 76 percent carbohydrates.

This is a huge amount, especially for dogs as they cannot handle much digestible carbohydrate. When dogs are fed diets high in carbs, they develop inflammatory conditions and their blood glucose and insulin levels increase. The mountain of data on what this does to humans is clear and this is why we have such high (and increasing) levels of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders siezures, allergies and mobility disorders.

You don’t have to take our or anyone else’s word on this. You can ask your vet to test your dog’s overall inflammation levels with a canine CRP (DO THEY OFFER AN HS CRP) test.

You can test your dog’s blood glucose and blood ketone levels at home with a blood glucose meter. (We recommend the Precision Xtra meter from Abbot Labs.)

Dropping carbohydrate from your dog’s diet will have major positive impacts on its health and longevity. You can learn how to create a low carb diet for your dog with our DIET CALCULATOR.


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