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KetoPet Graduates

The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer in Dogs


Cali’s Story

Hemangiosarcoma and the Ketogenic Diet for Cancer

Canine Breed
Hungarian Vizsla

Cali is the first graduate of the KetoPet program. She’s a sassy and athletic Vizsla who loves humans and lots of affection. The fact that she is alive today is nothing short of miraculous.

Cali was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in 2014. More dogs die of this type of cancer than any other canine cancer. Most dogs only survive a few months after diagnosis. Cali’s hemangiosarcoma was discovered by her previous owner when she was pregnant.

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Blazer’s Story

Mast Cell Cancer and the Ketogenic Diet for Dogs

Canine Breed
Staffordshire Mix

Blazer is a sweet and rambunctious Staffordshire Terrier mix who loves playing with toys! KetoPet rescued Blazer after he was diagnosed with a Grade II Mast Cell Tumor. This kind of subcutaneous tumor can respond unpredictably to traditional canine cancer treatments. Thus, prognosis can vary significantly for dogs with this condition.

Blazer underwent PET/CT imaging and started on a ketogenic diet as soon as he arrived at the KetoPet sanctuary. After 60 days on the ketogenic diet, Blazer’s second PET/CT scan showed no evidence of disease. Blazer remains in good health and is now back to playing with giant rubber toys for hours on end!

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KetoPet Community Stories

The Ketogenic Diet for Dog Health

What started as a canine sanctuary in Texas is now a global movement.

At KetoPet, we receive incredible and inspiring stories every day from KetoPet parents around the world feeding their dog a ketogenic diet. Here you can read through a selection of keto success stories.

Be sure to keep up with theKetoPet Community by following us on Facebook and Instagram. You can even submit your own KetoPetStory using the form below. Tell us how the ketogenic diet has positively impacted your dog’s life!


Sasha’s Story

Ketogenic Diet for Dogs with Seizures

Canine Breed

KetoPet Parents: Josh and Victoria, United States
Sasha started having grand mal seizures about a year after she suffered a brain injury at six months old from a dog bite. Her seizures soon increased to multiple times per week and the vet told us that she had to go on a heavy dose of anti-seizure meds to control them.

Sasha’s seizures started to slow down on the meds, but not without some serious consequences. She started losing all of her hair, her skin turned black, and she just wasn’t the same Sasha we knew and loved.

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Eva’s Story

The Ketogenic Diet for Luxating Patella and Dog Health

Canine Breed
Mini Pinscher

Sohana, South Africa
Eva is a 5-year-old Mini Pinscher I adopted when she was around 5 months old. We quickly learned that she had a luxating patella and an anal gland problem. After a visit to veterinarian we've used for 16 years, he spent under a minute with her and told me we need 2 knee surgeries and anal gland surgery and put her on several anti-inflammatory medications.

I started doing some research because I could not imagine how awful the crated recovery period would be for a such high energy dog. This is when I came across the ketogenic diet. All this time I thought I was being a great parent feeding her kibble. The transition to raw keto was happening and I was excited. More research and the results from switching Eva to a ketogenic diet confirmed that I had done the right thing. Thanks to her ketogenic diet she no longer needed the surgeries for her luxating patella!

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Queen’s Story

The Ketogenic Diet for Allergies and Autoimmune Issues

Canine Breed
Australian Shepard

I own, train, compete, and share my home with Aussies. In our house we currently have 10 and they all eat a raw keto diet. Our journey with raw keto started with my Aussie, Queen. She started developing food allergies around 2 years of age. We tried a series of kibbles, prescription included, and nothing helped. She lost hair around her eyes, ears, and nose. She scratched to the point she bled and had scabs for eye brows. She was lethargic and simply miserable.

After seeing multiple vets, only one recommended raw food along with supplements. I researched raw food and came across KetoPet, which contained plenty of material to read on the ketogenic diet for canine health. Their keto diet calculator helped me start and figure out how to feed a ketogenic diet at home (unbelievably easy to use!).

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Every day we hear incredible stories from pet parents feeding their dog a ketogenic diet. We would love for you to share how feeding a ketogenic diet has improved your dog’s health. Whether it’s seizures, allergies, auto-immune issues or overall canine health, we want to hear how a raw keto diet has helped your best friend live a better life.

Help KetoPet Help Dogs Live Longer, Healthier Lives.

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