Sierra's Keto Transformation!

Today we bring you an amazing transformation story. Read on to learn how Sierra transformed her health using a ketogenic diet!

Here is Sierra's mom, Jan, in her own words...

ketogenic diet for dogs with cancer

In late 2018, our sweet black lab, Sierra started limping. She underwent x-rays and our Veterinarian confirmed the bad news: she had osteosarcoma in her right humerus.

Our veterinarian gave her 3-5 weeks to live. However, if we went through with amputation, chemo, and radiation, we could possibly hope to keep her alive for a year.

We chose to forego treatment and preserve Sierra's quality of life. We found KetoPet online and quickly transitioned to a ketogenic diet. And the results were AMAZING!

keto for dogs

Six months later, Sierra was still alive and well! However, her limp was getting worse. We decided to do the amputation for pain management - and we're glad we did.

We thought she was a happy lab before surgery - but after the procedure - we could tell she was much happier. The same veterinarian who expected her to live 3-to-5 weeks was SHOCKED to see her alive, and even MORE shocked to see her so happy in her pre-op visit!

While her amputation showed that she had the most aggressive form of osteosarcoma, her pre-op chest x-ray and organ ultrasounds did not show ANY signs of metastasis. Our veterinarian was truly amazed.

Sierra recovered quickly from her surgery and is thriving on her ketogenic diet. She gleams with pride every time she has a new accomplishment, and her success remains is so rewarding to us. Her happiness is contagious and we're so grateful to have her around!

Thank you KetoPet sharing your studies and helping us create a diet for our sweet pup, Sierra!

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