Sierra's Keto Transformation!

Today we bring you an amazing keto transformation story. Read on to learn how Sierra transformed her health using a ...

The Food you Feed your Dog Matters

The food we eat impacts our health immensely. In the human world, the scientific data on this fact grows every single...

Fats & Pancreatitis

Getting Macronutrients Right First things first, what is pancreatitis and how common is it? Normally, your dog’s p...

Taurine & Dog Health - Should You Worry?

There have been many recent reports about raw & grain-free pet food diets being linked to Taurine Deficiency and ...

Intermittent Fasting for your Dog

Before the advent of agriculture, both dogs and humans lived through cycles of feast and famine.  The body shows evi...

My Canine Cancer Journey - A Journey of Hope

My name is Lisa Olver.  I am not a doctor, nor a scientist.  I am a pet parent who embarked on a journey that changed...

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

At KetoPet, we’re on a mission to help dogs everywhere live longer and happier lives.

One Problem with Vegan Diets for Dogs

There’s no question that vegan diets for dogs are gaining in popularity. And while there may be ethical and ecologica...
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