Get help feeding a raw keto diet for cancer or ketogenic as a dog cancer diet

Need Help with a Keto Diet for Your Dog?

We’re a small team that’s dedicated to helping you feed your dog a ketogenic diet. That’s why we created several helpful resources for you and your keto dog. Whether you’re choosing a ketogenic diet for cancer or your dog’s overall health, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to successfully feed a keto diet.

KetoPet Facebook Community: Get Help Feeding a Ketogenic Diet

The KetoPet Facebook Community is an active resource for keto pet parents everywhere. There, you can post your questions and connect with other pet parents feeding a ketogenic diet. Our KetoPet Community Moderators will make sure you get answers in a timely manner.

We encourage you to visit our Facebook page and request to join our Private KetoPet Support Group. Requests are typically approved within 24hrs. Once approved, you can post your questions according to our KetoPet Community guidelines.

Our Facebook Community is monitored by a small group of long-time members who have experienced the benefits of feeding a ketogenic diet and want to help others achieve the same results. Community Moderators are there to answer questions and protect the community from negative or harmful content.


Visit our FAQ to find answers to the most common questions facing pet parents feeding a ketogenic diet. If you don’t see your question, we recommend visiting our Facebook Community outlined above.

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Scientific Articles

Interested in learning more about the ketogenic diet for cancer or overall health? We’ve compiled a list of relevant scientific articles.

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