Sasha’s Story

Ketogenic Diet for Dogs with Seizures

Canine Breed: Pomeranian

KetoPet Parents: Josh and Victoria, United States

Sasha started having grand mal seizures about a year after she suffered a brain injury at six months old from a dog bite. Her seizures soon increased to multiple times per week and the vet told us that she had to go on a heavy dose of anti-seizure meds to control them.

Sasha’s seizures started to slow down on the meds, but not without some serious consequences. She started losing all of her hair, her skin turned black, and she just wasn’t the same Sasha we knew and loved.

Thanks to the founders of KetoPet, we learned about the ketogenic diet and how it might help her condition. Since starting keto in October of 2014, we’ve been able to completely stop her seizure medication, her skin is back to its perfectly-pink color, her hair grew back faster than a chia pet, and she’s much more like herself again.

She also went from having multiple break through seizures per week to one every six months, if at all. The benefits she’s experienced from the ketogenic diet have been life changing for her and so inspiring for us to watch!

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