Name: Joline

Gender: Female

Breed: Pit Bull mix

Current Weight: 44 lbs

Spayed: Yes

Date of Birth: 6/24/2012

Type of Cancer: Does not have cancer

Joline arrived at Keto Pet Sanctuary on 3/24/2016. She arrived with multiple masses (nose, foot, mammary tumors).  Upon further tests and pathology, it was determined that only the mammary masses were cancerous.  Joline received bilateral radical mastectomy on 9/7/2016 to remove these cancerous tumors.  Joline is now cancer free and ready to go home with a loving family.





  • Staffordshire cross, 4-years old
  • Not socialized as a pup, does not know how to act around other dogs. She is a medium to high energy ball of love.
  • She likes to take the leash and walk herself, will chew on the leash
  • She enjoys traveling in the car
  • Loves attention from her people
  • Will intentionally be destructive or disobedient in order to get attention
  • Needs a very experienced owner who can do positive only training.
  • She is food aggressive towards other dogs.
  • Does not get along with any other animals
  • She has no home training skills. We have made progress since she has been in our care and would like to see her blossom with the right person.
  • Joline is afraid of thunder, if she can be with her people she does better.